Saturday, 9 March 2013

Layout Easy Peasy

Using my hand painted envelope mixed media ready to use of different various sizes,I'm gonna pimp this page so I want to share this layout with you & it is easy  peasy. You will need  scissors,glue stik,another stronger glue,designer papers of your choosing,a tp roll,a mixture of runny white acrylic paint,a photo of your choice ,a journaling pen & embellishments of you choice.

 here are some of the elements I have  ready for this particular layout,I am using  a 6x6 stack of designer papers.
 dip the toilet roll into your mixture of runny white acrylic paint & do some random circles don't dip it in all the time stamp one or twice to get the non solid circles,do as many to your desire & let it dry.
 rip randomly one of your 6x6 papers in half ,make a little flag & using white  scrap piece of paper make another to fit inside,pending on the size of your layout cut some rectangular pieces of water colour paper a strip of another designer paper,some wooden stars,make sure you ink the ripped edges& put all your elements together to create this fun & easy layout.
 lay down your to ripped halves first,then your photo,lay the strip of designer paper on the bottom of the photo,gluing all your elements down firmly add your flag under the strip of paper & lastly add you water paper for journaling prompts & your wooden stars & Tadaaaaaa........... to easy.