Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Flower Fairy RR swap

Here's a creation in somebodies journal for our FFRR (Flower fairies round robin)on our Doll dreams ning site HERE

Flower Fairy Round Robin

I couldn't help but create a journal for inside my flower fairy box I made a while back for our already started flower fairy round robin.

Another Cardboard project for our RR

Monday, 21 May 2012

Siren Dreams Chunky Signature page

here's another  signature for our Siren Dreams chunky page swap....
Front with chunky charms

 dangle tail
 tail close up

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Siren Dreams signature tutorial continued......

next stage is to add some texture & dimention to your background I have chosen to use orange halloween net...you can pick these up at you hot dollar store,cut to preferred size & glue on with good glue.

Add some coarse texture paste to the bottom, use a broad knife or some kind of plastic knife to spread it like butter...let it dry,once it has dried add some coloured crepe paper in strips glued with a water down pva,let it dry ,once dried then paint the course texture paste.

Tadaa!!!!!!Now let it dry & put it aside.

Now grab your  Mermaid & add some smooth texture paste to her bottom end to her tail, make some patterns with the plastic tool you have handy in your stash & let her dry.tune in for the next part of this step by step tutorial.

ok now i want you to paint your to paint the tail end of your mermaid.I have also added some mica powder to her tail..it gives her a wonderful shimmer ,mica powder is also known as pearl ex,shimmer powder or perfect pearls.Once you have done that then glue her to the back ground you created.....i have decided to bend her tail  to give it some dimension.once the glue has dried, paint in her hair in and let it dry...

Now add some bling,glitter,micro beads more mica powder don't hold back,then finish off her hair.

Now to finish her off add some finishing touches like more netting,bling,glitter on her hair to give her that seaweedy look I call it....hahaha.......I added some silver metal flowers as well so she all coming togeather.use whit paint to make her hair pop........& tadaa all done, now for the front & back.

for the last bit of our Siren signature page for  our front cover I would like  you to create a  page for a quote,a poem etc some thing encouraging & for the back a sign in or details for you to add your own details such as your websights,youtube links name addys etc...then for finishing touches add some chunky beads ,mini bottle with a message,& get chunky with it........ok that is about it you have created a beautiful Siren Dreams  signature page ready for the swap......

 back for your sign in details page
 front for encourage quote or poem etc...