Saturday, 22 December 2012

Day Book mini's

Here's a day book Iv'e just finished,& an example of  things to come in the new year,

Thursday, 20 December 2012

OMG!Now look at our tree!

Bernado's went all out for all the children so it's made our Christmas tree chocker block full of chrissy pressies ,now you all no I have 5 children if  you have read my profile ,only four of those children are dependant on me how ever since last year I have been in & out of court trying to get custody of my  2 granddaughters so last year after 8 months in & out of court mentions etc we finally got custody   in march & ave had our grandchildren with us who were in the care of Bernado's in saying all this we have also just care of our other grand daughter 2 weeks ago so hence d all the gifts.

Mixed Media Journaling gift packs

I just finish more Chrissy Pressies for my other nieces,they will be trying these new line  of pack i will be selling in my etsy , these can be used as day books , weeklies , etc all that is missing is your photos or what ever you want to record,daily,monthly,what ever.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Wonderful Journal Packs

Hi everyone!
I made some journal packs up for my nieces Kenya & Milliana , I've got a few more I'm going to put together for some other family members for Christmas then eventually sell some on my ETSY.I want to encourage  them to start journaling by giving them these jumps starts I'm actually going to get my children to start a journal of there own I think it's so important to encourage things like this so i might even run some mini classes with my kids & perhaps brunch out a little later on in the near future.These Journals were inspired by Amy Tang you can find her >>>>>HERE

 these packs come with personalised journal,puffy stickers,glue stick,6 different was-hi tape wrapped on x2 wooden pegs,water colour paints with primary colours x 1 brush  & a whole bunch of tags.Just a good jump start to journaling.

all ready to be wrapped