Saturday, 9 March 2013

How to frame tutorial......

lets get right into it,
right what you will need for this little project is a frame,remove the glass & the back from the frame.this particular frame had a broken glass.

 with a hook screw you should be able to screw some holes,I've drilled them the same size as a ordinary ring binder folder
once you have made the holes screw 2x hook screws into the holes till tight & using a pear of pliers close the gaps of the screw hooks as close as you can
 turn your frame around front facing down

 you will need a staple gun & some strong string  & staple the string to the frame as per picture

 this is how it should look
 turn your frame around back facing down this time a have a fantastic place for some photo's messages etc .
 I have used two large clips & one loo people figure to hold the  photos in place
 add some  words
 & stickers
 & Tadaaaaa all done,all these animal are able to be removed for different look
here it is in the folder, I have also add a small tag.A very easy project for those broken frames that need a new lease of life.