Monday, 14 January 2013

Arghhhhhh..............Monster Holiday Mahem!

Another mini workshop with  my children & some of my sisters children,creating from home made paper clay  some amazing monsters......A fun holiday idea for the whole family.I'm amazed I had the time,but I was so lucky with all this hot weather

 Sonny,Halana,Adam,Edyn,Amir,Jesse & Alex
 Alex 5 years & her Monster Reo
 Jesse 8 years & her Monster Googles
 Sonny 8 years & his Monster Zibbit
 Edyn  9 years & his Monster Egor
 Amir 9 years & his Monster Whacko
 Adam 11 years & his Monster Pu-shu
 Halana  11 year & her Monster Smiggles