Thursday, 10 May 2012

Siren Dreams chunky signature page tutorial

Here's a chunky signature page tutorial for a swap on Doll Dreams. I am the host & i wanted to share this tutorial on how to create using mixed media.I'm using cardboard as a background & base the  dimensions for our signature page is 15 1/2" x 10" after you have cut your cardboard to the size needed,you can tear it a bit ,expose  some of the cardboard corrugation,then fold it in half  to make your first signature which is a page of a book.

Now you paint your signature page with your preferred base colour, then you add a 2nd colour then your creating  layers its all about layers......let it dry.

right once it has dried....then pull out your favourite Art stamps here i use a couple of home made Art stamps the first made from rubber sheets cut to shape & the other is  bubble wrap from packaging..use two other colours.let it dry.While your background drys take the time to  draw your mermaid.

Once you have drawn your mermaid , colour her to your preference....I have  made her half & created  the tail half from the  same piece of paper, put a base colour on tail end to & let it dry, once  she has dried then cut  her & her tail out & glue both part together..then put her aside for a bit & lets go back to the back ground.