Sunday, 15 January 2012

Chagall inspired water painting..........

I felt lead to do some inspired art by famous artist around the world.......infact im going to do one or two artist inspiration a start me off in my quest I chose Chargall.Who is he???
Marc Chagall was born on July 17, 1887 in Belarus, Russia. His birth name was Moshe Shagal, but he changed it because as a painter Marc is much easier to remember. He was the eldest of nine siblings. Raised Jewish, religion would strongly influence him all his life. His dad was herring merchant, and although they were poor, the family was happy.
Here some a pics his paintings that I was inspire by.......
 The Rooster
Now heres my version.......Hmmmmmmmmmm yes i know nothing like it huh!

Cirque Pari
& my version.....^^

Blue landscape

& my version

ok so that is what i have done so far............keep tuned for more from Chagall for this month.....^^